​​​​USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation

Preservation of History

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The USS Phoenix (SSN-702) was decommissioned in 1998. She served honorably from 1981-1998, mostly in support of operations focused on containing the Soviet Navy and ending the Cold War.

“The preservation of history is an important aspect of our lives.  The sacrifices, superlative skills and relentless efforts of our submariners led directly to our Cold War victory over the Soviet Union.  These accomplishments are little known or appreciated by the general population, and are highly deserving of recognition and praise.  We hope our monument will present the public with a clear picture of the great efforts made by our nuclear-powered attack submarines in maintaining peace and preserving our freedoms during a time of enormous global tension.”

Pete Lumianski, Captain, USN(Ret)

Director, USS Phoenix (SSN 702) Cold War Monument Foundation.

Our mission is simple: bring the sail, diving planes and top rudder of the USS PHOENIX submarine to Arizona and build a monument in the City of Phoenix to honor the role played by the USS PHOENIX in winning the Cold War.  The Phoenix Saguaro Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Navy (AUSN) is acting as the Project Manager from start to finish, until the monument opens to the public.

​The USS Phoenix (SSN-702) Cold War  Monument Foundation was formed in 2015. 

"Saving the USS Phoenix is important for the City of Phoenix. It's part of the Cold War history, which is important to all of us, even if we don't live near the ocean. We need to remember what could have happened to our civilization."

Lynn Bennett, LCDR, USN(Ret.)
Public Affairs Officer &
Vice-President, AUSN