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​​​​​​​​​USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation

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There are three ways to get involved with our submarine monument project.  First, you can simply donate some money to our effort by using the donation procedures outlined below.  If you’d like to become an active member of our Monument Steering Committee, please shoot us a note using the postal or email addresses shown below.  Steering Committee members for the project meet on a monthly basis to shepherd the project along, and perform whatever support tasks are needed.  Finally, you can simply be a “Friend of the Project”, that is, a person interested and supportive of the effort, and willing on occasion to provide leads, information or help as your situation allows.      

The USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation

P.O. Box 30892
​ ​Phoenix, AZ 85046

​​If I Choose to Donate, Where Does My Money Go??         

Thanks very much for asking, and thanks for considering a donation to our USS Phoenix (SSN 702) Cold War Monument Project.  We have been working on this project for over 25 years and we have finally reached the fund-raising phase.  We have the parts; we have a City-approved spot to place them; we have an approved preliminary design concept; and we have some professionally-generated cost estimates for completing the project.  Along the way, we formed an all-volunteer, non-profit foundation entity called the USS Phoenix (SSN702) Cold War Monument Foundation to manage the project.  However, we decided the work involved in starting up, paying for, and managing a 501(c)(3) was more than we could take on.  Instead, we formed a partnership with an existing 501(c)(3) foundation organization who was willing to receive monies and provide our donors with a tax-exempt charitable donation opportunity.  That entity is called HomeSmart Helps.  It was created, and is being managed by HomeSmart International, LLC, a large, multi-state real estate company headquartered in Scottsdale.  The founder of HomeSmart is a long-time supporter of our project, and he has authorized the use of his company’s charitable foundation as a repository for our donated monies.  So, once you have made a donation, your monies will be collected by our Cold War Monument Foundation Treasurer, and then deposited for safe-keeping into a separate, special submarine monument account of HomeSmart Helps.   Once received and accounted for by HomeSmart Helps, you will be issued an electronic or paper receipt usable for claiming a tax deduction.  If you have questions or concerns along the way, please address them to our Treasurer, Ms. Sharon Harrison at


Captain Carol Culbertson, USN(ret), Chairperson, 602-799-9480

Captain Pete Lumianski, USN(ret), Director, 602-997-9580

LCDR Lynn Bennett, USN(Ret),

Director, 623-910-4400

Chuck Manuel

Director, 623-362-8795

Sharon Harrison

Director, Treasurer 602-670-6606

Donation Methods and Procedures.

You may donate using any of three procedures: 
Credit card through Pay Pal; or Personal Check.

Pay Pal – Simply click on our “Donate” button, and follow the prompts.  Make sure you fill in all the required spaces, and let us know if you’d like to remain connected to our group as a Friend of the Monument.

Credit Card– Again, click on our ‘Donate’ button, and scroll to the credit card section, then follow the prompts.  Make sure you fill in all the required spaces, and let us know if you’d like to remain connected to our egroup as a Friend of the Monument.

Personal Check – Make checks payable to "HomeSmart Helps", put the USS Phoenix in the bottom left corner, and mail it to The USS Phoenix (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation, P.O. Box 30892, Phoenix, AZ 85046.  Please include your contact information with your check if you’d like to become a Friend of the Monument.