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​​​​USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation

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Donations in any amount are welcome.  We’re estimating this project will cost over a million dollars to plan and execute.  We have formed a non-profit foundation (The USS PHOENIX (SSN 702) Cold War Monument Foundation, Inc.), but have not yet filed for tax-exempt status.  Instead, we have formed a partnership with an existing foundation that does have tax-exempt status.  The Phoenix Parks Foundation is associated with the City of Phoenix, and it collects monies in support of various parks projects.  They have agreed to accept and hold our Cold War Monument Foundation donations and to expense them only at our request for authorized and necessary Monument needs.  In addition, they have agreed to issue donation receipt letters for donations of $100 or more, to be used as tax-acceptable evidence of your gifts.  Until such time as we are able to arrange for an automatic credit card donation mechanism for this site, please make out your checks to the Phoenix Parks Foundation, and note on the check’s memo line “For the USS PHOENIX (SSN702) Cold War Monument”.

How to Find Us


Cold War Monument Foundation

P.O. Box 30892

​Phoenix, AZ 85046


Captain Carol Culbertson, USN(ret), Chairperson, 602-799-9480

Captain Pete Lumianski, USN(ret), Director, 602-997-9580

LCDR Lynn Bennett, USN(Ret),

Director, 623-910-4400

Chuck Manuel


Sharon Harrison

Director, Treasurer 602-670-6606

Help us!

We’re in the fundraising/volunteer-helper mode, and will be for some period of time.  If you wish to donate, please send your donations to the address listed under the “How to Find Us” section.  We are working on adding a pay function to this website, but it’s not yet in operation.  If you have donation leads or suggestions, or would like to become a “Friend of the USS Phoenix”, please send us your name and contact information.