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​​​​​​​​​USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Foundation

USS PHOENIX (SSN-702) Cold War Monument Project

Mission (What We’re Going to Do):  Build a monument in a downtown City of Phoenix park which commemorates the role of the USS Phoenix (SSN-702) in helping end the Cold War.

Vision (What We’re Going to Create):  Using the salvaged parts of the USS Phoenix (SSN-702) as the centerpiece, create an inspirational/educational/ functional monument complex which highlights the relationship between the United States Navy’s attack submarine force and the efforts to contain, control and resolve the fearsome tensions arising from the Cold War, circa 1947 to 1991.  The monument concept is to include and integrate submarine artifacts and technology, as well as historical information and recognition tributes.  It will be done in a manner which is thoughtful and respectful, and provides the general public with an appreciation of the skills, determination and sacrifices involved in our nation’s valiant efforts to deter war and prevail in a prolonged, tension-filled ideological conflict affecting the entire world.

Purpose (Why We’re Doing It):  The principal purpose of the monument is to recognize, memorialize and express appreciation to the sailor-submariners who manned and operated these stealthy boats, and also to the builders of our nuclear-powered attack submarines. More specifically, it will allow monument viewers to understand and appreciate the extraordinary efforts of our submariners - especially the men of the USS Phoenix - who served aboard the 15th boat of the famed 62 Los Angeles Class attack subs, all of which were build and launched from 1972 to 1996 - the largest single class of nuclear submarines ever assembled.