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​CWMF News Notes:                                                                    Dec 2018

A reminder our next SC meeting is Saturday, the 8th of December in the AM, 0930-1130 at the AZ Vet Home.  See the agenda below, as well as the minutes from our last meeting on 10 Nov.  Please RSVP with your attendance plans.  Also, while I have you, please confirm your receipt of my recent note containing task assignments for our Kick-Starter event.  Our progress in this area will be a principal focus of our meeting on the 8th.  To those of you who are cc addees to this note, if you have any connections with large Phoenix-based companies which we could use in order to enhance our prospects of getting donations from them, please pass them on to me.  Thanks to all for your help.  Pete

Agenda:  (1) Fund-Raising Campaign

Kick-Starter Prep

Address searches/Mailouts
O-W Meeting
Tasks to do, i.e., nametags, props, displays, etc.
Catering Plan

Donor Cards
Headliner Searches
Post K/S Plan/Actions

A Steering Committee meeting was held on 10 November 2018, 1-3 PM in the Arizona State Veteran Home, room A107.  In attendance were Chairperson Carol Culbertson, Denny McComb, Bob Turpin, Howard Goldman, Marty Zipser, Guest Ann Thayer and Pete Lumianski.  The following items were discussed:

Pete reported on some miscellaneous items: 

Our guest, Ann Thayer (and Bob Turpin’s sister), has volunteered to help with our Kick-Starter event in February by assisting in compiling our mailing list of people and addresses. 
One of the Steele Indian School Park buildings has been converted into a small museum and meeting space.  Pete met the curator, a former Indian School student and a tribal member of the Hopi, Patty Talahongva.  Patty said she’d be happy to help find a Native American submariner person. 
Pete also attended a recent event at the Mana House, a Catholic Charities facility which houses homeless veterans.  He met the person in charge of raising monies for the Catholic Charities program, Tamara Bohannon, and Tamara said she’d be happy to provide advice on fund-raising. 
Pete mentioned the current, interim Mayor of Phoenix, long-time City Council person Thelda Williams, agreed to allow her name to be placed on our letterhead.


The remainder of our time was spent on Fund-Raising thoughts and issues.

Small Biz Initiative – It was decided each person participating would target 25 small businesses, then visit them and make contact with the decision-maker, leave with them a brochure and a donor card, then follow-up one week later to prompt a donation.  The standard letter can be customized as appropriate for the recipients.  Pete indicated he would send out a notice to the SC members with the sample letter.

Corporate/Wealthy Individual Initiative – It was decided to combine these efforts for the moment and focus our initial approach to both of these categories by inviting them all to our planned Kick-Starter event in February.  That led to a discussion of the following points:

Create a target list of companies and people
Find contact information for each target
Create two pieces of correspondence:  a Save-The-Date letter to be sent out in the last week of December, and a more formal invitation to be sent out ~two weeks prior to the event.
It was suggested by Ann that snail mail would be a more effective way to correspond than electronic mail.
Pete volunteered to draft a Save-The-Date letter and send it around for review.
Pete suggested that we devise a way to delegate some of the work to our Steering Committee members.
Possible headliners for the Kick-Starter event:  Gov Ducey?  Randy Johnson?  Gonzo?  Larry Fitzgerald?  Cindy McCain?  Alice Cooper?  Emma Stone?  Senator Kyl?  Jerry Colangelo?


Due to the fact Sharon and Lynn were not present, the 2019 Event List was not discussed.
The Brick Program was not discussed.
Our marketing priorities were not discussed.
Our Social Media campaign is important and we need an experienced person to guide us for its effective use.
Our website was briefly viewed and discussed, and it was noted that the ‘Ship’s Store’ page needed redesign/completion.
Post Kick-Starter event plans were not discussed.

Next Meeting/Save the Date:  It was decided to hold two meetings, one sub-committee meeting on 15 November, 1400-1700 at Crossroads United Methodist Church to focus just on Kick-Starter plans; and the next Steering Committee meeting, to be held on Saturday, 8 December at the AVH, 0930-1130.